Dance to Freedom for the women of Iran

Dance to Freedom for the women of Iran

I am thrilled to share a video of my new piano piece ‘Dance to Freedom’ dedicated to the women of Iran.

Over the last 10 weeks I have been watching the disturbing and horrific scenes in Iran. As a a woman of Iranian descent and as a musician, I felt compelled to contribute in some way. Several friends asked me to write a song in honor of these courageous children, youth and women in Iran but I felt unable to create something appropriate or to adequately express my emotions.

A couple of weeks ago as I sat at the piano, I felt a sudden urge to play what came to my heart as I thought of the struggles of the women in Iran and the grief they have endured. I decided to record the notes that flowed through my fingers and the result was the spontaneous instrumental piano piece that I am now sharing with you. There is something very mystical and magical about what happens when a piece is composed on the spot.

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🎵 Description of the Song

In the beginning of ‘Dance to Freedom’ you will hear the repetition of the notes as though the routine of life continues as usual. As the song progresses, I had a vision of many women coming together and supporting one another with courage and fortitude, breaking free from the norms of life. Then a melody is heard (at 2:07 minutes) reverberating through the mundane representing the voice of women seeking a new world, followed by a rising momentum of sound that cannot be repressed.

Significance of the Title

I named the piece ‘Dance to Freedom’ as dancing is not permitted in Iran. In fact, neither is singing or performing. I often think about what a privilege it is to be able to freely sing, dance and record my compositions. I am immensely grateful for that. To honor these women in Iran, I chose video clips of women dancing in different cultures around the globe.

My heart goes out to all the children, youth and women who are suffering and pray for their well-being.

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Dance to Freedom - Elika Mahony

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