Pre-Save Dance to Freedom

Pre-Save Dance to Freedom

I’m deeply saddened to hear of the recent persecutions in Iran especially of the imprisonment of two heroines Fariba Kamalabadi and Mahvash Sabet.  My prayers go out to them all. 

In honor of these women I am releasing a new piece titled Dance to Freedom on January 12, 2023. 

I’m so grateful to my Patrons for helping me choose the cover for the song. 

► You can pre-save Dance to Freedom on Spotify for a chance to win some music! (You will be notified as soon as it goes live).  

🎬 If you haven’t seen the video, watch here.

In another blog post I shared how the song was spontaneously composed. Read it here.

I would so appreciate you sharing this with friends so that we can spread the word and be a voice for these precious souls. 

Dance to Freedom is a music tribute dedicated to the Women of Iran who are leading the struggle for liberty in their homeland.

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