Hands of the Cause Volume III published

Hands of the Cause Volume III published

Great news!
I am thrilled to share that our book Hands of the Cause Volume III was just published and have now arrived on our doorstep.  This volume includes stories from the lives of three Hands of the Cause: Louis Gregory, Corinne True and Abul-Qásim Faizi. 

The original photographs included in the book were professionally colored by talented artist Alice Williams. 

Thanks to my cousin Vered Ehsani and my husband Tarry for their diligent assistance throughout the process.  We started writing these booklets over 15 years ago with the goal of helping youth and junior youth learn more about the unique lives and outstanding services of the Hands of the Cause.  Adults have enjoyed the books also!  (See sample page below).

* Please note that the sale is only for US residents at this time (apologies as shipping outside the US is too expensive).

Order Hands of the Cause of God Volume III

A sample of the inside of the booklet Hands of the Cause of God Volume III

Update on Music Sale
Thanks to everyone’s loving support, I ran out of stock within 24 hours for ‘Birds of Love’ in the US.  I only brought 20 with me and was pleasantly surprised that they were ordered so quickly. 
I have also decided to make another album, ‘Meditations for the Fast’, available at a discounted rate.  This album makes a wonderful gift for friends fasting as it includes some of my favorite passages about the Bahá’í Fast set to music. 
Click here to order a bundle of 2 or 5 at the sale prices. 

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