self-quarantine…or not!

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  • self-quarantine…or not!

    I hope you are having a great week.

    We are back in Beijing after celebrating our anniversary in Thailand.  We had a fabulous time enjoying that beautiful country and the delicious food!

    We were a little nervous about returning to China not knowing what the reality of the situation would be and a little anxious about whether or not we would get whisked off somewhere if we had a slight fever!  All ended well as we were able to get back into our home quite smoothly.

    As per government regulation we were asked to self-quarantine for 14 days in our home.  So we were back at home planning to stay put for two weeks, working, recording, doing online teaching and making masala tea!  But then yesterday the government suddenly lifted the rule for people arriving back from overseas, so we were released from the strict confinement. But to be honest I was kind of looking forward to two weeks of quiet!

    On the recording front, the long healing prayer is now being edited by my producer (who is also in quarantine)!  We can’t wait to share it with you as soon as it is ready (link to pre-order here).

    As Ayyam-i-Ha and the Baha’i Fast is approaching I wanted to share the link for my ‘Meditations for the Fast’ album.  The album includes a song for Ayyam-i-Ha as well as an instrumental version for you to use in your communities.

    I am sharing some ideas/resources for Ayyam-i-Ha celebrations as well as a couple of videos you may enjoy.

    For the 19 days of the Fast I will be posting daily inspirational music from the Bahá’í writings on my facebook ‘Lofty Notes’ group.  Most welcome to join here.  The uplifting music is composed and recorded by varying Baha’i musicians.

    And if you are on Spotify, here a link to the Spotify Playlist for the Fast with music specially chosen to uplift and inspire.

    Elika and Tarry with masks


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