Music for the Baha’i Fast

Music for the Baha’i Fast

I have lots to share in this blog post so please stay tuned and read till the end.

I hope you are having an inspiring beginning of the Fast.

Below are some resources/videos of music for the Fast to uplift you during these 19 days ‘endowed with a special virtue’:

Just a reminder that the ‘Meditations for the Fast’ album is available on my website for download and can be sent as a digital gift to others.  Here is the link. 

‘The Long Healing Prayer’ will be released on March 9th! Can’t wait! It is recorded in honor of my nephew with Down syndrome who will need heart surgery and to a dear friend with cancer.  Join my mailing list to hear about the joys and challenges of recording this piece and to be the first to hear it when it is released!

For the 19 days of the Fast I will be posting daily inspirational music from the Bahá’í writings on my facebook group ‘Lofty Notes’ with questions for reflection each day.  Most welcome to join here.

Meditations for the Fast



    Sarmad Garmroud March 3, 2020Reply

    Thank you SO much, dear Elika, for sharing your amazing resources. Today is the third day of the Fast, and I’ve been listening to your Spotify playlist (thank you!) and more of your music. I’m listening to Rejoice with Exceeding Gladness right now, and this is the version with six languages, one of which is German. For some incredible reason, I’m listening to the German version with absolutely NEW ears today! German never struck me as a very soft language, unlike, say, French, Persian or Turkish, but today, listening to the words of Baha’u’llah in German and your music, I heard German in a whole new way, and I LOVE IT! Thank you again! <3

      Elika March 3, 2020Reply

      Thank you dear Sarmad for your message. So interesting that you say that about the German version as I have heard similar thoughts by others. I think it helps that dear Nasim sings the German vocals flawlessly with her gorgeous vocals. I was thrilled to be able to include her voice in there. And so happy to hear that you are enjoying the Spotify Playlist for the Fast’. I have added a few more songs this year.

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