Prayer for the Departed Video

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  • Prayer for the Departed Video

    For a long time I have wanted to make a video for the ‘Prayer for the Departed’ that I set to music over 10 years ago.  The prayer is included on my ‘Fire and Gold’ album.

    >>> Watch Prayer for the Departed <<<

    In light of the passing of several beloved friends and the heartbreaking loss of so many lives in recent months, I felt a sense of urgency to share this video now.

    Initially I wanted to include photographs of loved ones who have passed on. But upon further reflection, I decided to make the video more accessible to anyone watching it so that it can be used for any memorial or devotional in honor of family or friends who have progressed to the heavenly realm.

    If you know of anyone who would be comforted by this prayer, please feel free to share it.

    Hoping you are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

    P.S. In case you didn’t hear about the special for ‘The Exalted One’ CDs, here is the link:

    Prayer for the Departed Elika Mahony

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