Organizing with Elika – New Shop

Organizing with Elika – New Shop

New Shop – Organizing with Elika

When I am taking a break from music, I love helping others organize their lives!  In the last few months I took a course and am now a certified professional organizer.  My aim is to help  create more order, beauty and harmony in any environment.

I am excited to share the opening of my new shop ‘Organizing with Elika’.  On the shop you will find several printable sheets to help you to stay organised and productive.  I created these sheets to enrich and uplift one’s day.  There is a spiritual element to each of the sheets as they all include an inspiring Baha’i quotation at the top of the page.  The purpose is to help us focus on the spiritual aspects of our life.

Click here to browse the shop and feel free to ask me any questions (10% off everything till October 18th).

Organizing with Elika Etsy banner

Below are the printable sheets (a few of them can now be used digitally also):

  • Weekly Gratitude Journal
  • Weekly Planner
  • Prayer List
  • Daily Reflections
  • To Do List
  • Major Tasks Planner
  • Virtues Journal (Daily and Weekly)

    Virtue of the Day - Elika Mahony

I particularly like the ‘Daily Reflections’ sheet as it includes a box for ‘Virtue of the Day’ to enable you to reflect on what virtue you would like to practice and strengthen (see photo below).  There is also a box for ‘I am grateful for’ so that you can write 3 things you are grateful for on a daily basis.  Research shows that this brings joy and helps us focus on the positive.  The ‘Pray for’ box is there to remind us to say prayers for specific friends and family.  The ‘Priority tasks’ box helps you focus on 3-5 tasks a day so that you can prioritize the most important at the top of the list to accomplish for the day.  The ‘Reflections’ box allows you to write down how your day unfolded.  What would you like to improve tomorrow.

Daily Reflections spiritual Sheet

Time Management document and online session

On the shop I have also created a 14 page PDF document which gives specific ways for how to prioritize your time, identify your goals and achieve them.  I created this document after working with a client and realized how most of us face similar issues with time management.  I have also made available a time management 1 hour call with clients to help them in specific areas they may wish to work on.

Time management for an organised life

Family Unity Night document (FUN)

The most recent addition to the shop is a Family Unity Night document. I have included a sample agenda and several ideas for what a Family Unity Night looks like as well as how to make a Family Mission statement.  Family Unity Night was such an integral part of our week as a family when our children were growing up as we connected, played games and used some other wonderful resources which helped build our children’s self-confidence and unity within the family.  It was also a valuable time to reflect on our week and show appreciation to one another.

Family Unity Night Elika Mahony

Organizing with Elika shop

Online Organizing Session

I have also included Organizing sessions on the shop where I coach my clients online how to organize a space of their choice that they have had trouble organizing.

2 hour online organizing session

Let me know if you have any questions about any of the items on the shop.  Here’s the link to Organizing with Elika shop on Etsy.

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