Immerse Yourselves – NEW video!

In the spring, I was asked to sing for our Bahá’í New Year celebration.  I decided to choose a song titled ‘Immerse yourselves’ from my ‘Infinite Bounty’ album which was released exactly 3 years ago.  Since this is my daughter’s last year of high school, I chose to sing the song as a duet.  Every opportunity to sing with her while she’s with us is priceless!
Once we chose the piece, I set out to make a visual slideshow of beautiful oceanic photographs to accompany us in the background as we sang.  I believe there is a great power when music and imagery is combined and hope this creates a moving experience for the viewer.
You can watch the video below — feel free to share it with others.

Gift Download

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For my friends in China – click here to watch the video on Youku.

Immerse Yourselves lyrics

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