Dominion is God's

Lately there have been so many natural disasters in the world that I wanted to share with you a special prayer that Bahá’u’lláh wrote “to be said in times of natural events that cause fear.”

The piece is titled, “Dominion is God’s” and is a powerful reminder that God is the “Lord of Creation”.
The prayer is special to me as I was able to record it with my daughter whose voice melts my heart. I was also blessed to have it recorded professionally with talented cello player, Rhonda Branneky, from the Netherlands!  

As the world is suffering from the turmoil and tragedy all over the world, I pray that this prayer will bring some protection and solace to those impacted by such events.
Download the song Dominion is God’s
I look forward to sharing a video for the song that I recently created.

Dominion is Gods
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