Exciting news + 2 new albums!

Recently I shared some exciting news on my mailing list!  For about a year, I have had the privilege of working on an album in Chinese for the upcoming bicentenary of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh on October 2017.
While I was on Pilgrimage in December with my family, I felt that I could not pass up such a once in a lifetime opportunity and so decided to create an album in English also!  The idea seemed daunting as time is short and working on two albums at the same time is challenging.  So I need your prayers that all goes smoothly.  As I write this, we are working on both albums at a rapid pace and I hope to share more details soon.
I have saved the best news for last... 🙂
On the Chinese album, there is one song in particular that I have been so excited to tell you about.  We have asked Grammy-winning producer, KC Porter, to rearrange the song ‘This is Faith’, an inspiring poem that I set to music on my ‘Fire and Gold’ album.
KC is still working on the piece and world renowned musician, Cheng Lin, just finished recording vocals in Chinese for it.  I will be sharing more news and updates on my mailing list.  Subscribe below to join my music family.
KC and Lin in the studio

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