Photo montage for newborns-need your help

A few months ago I released a track entitled, ‘Prayer for Infants’ for my just-born nephew.  I would love to create a photo montage of newborns to accompany the music and need your help with photographs of babies (newborns up to several months old) for the slideshow/video.
If you have some lovely close-up photographs of your children as newborns and would like to share them for the montage, kindly submit the photograph(s) to my email address: elika @ with files of 1 MB or above.
If you know of friends with young babies who you think would like to be a part of this project, please forward this on to them also.
If you haven’t yet heard the track, you can hear the full piece below:

Prayer for Infants


    Aubrey September 4, 2016Reply

    Allah’u’abha Elika, Thank u so much for sharing ur songs to us Ive been listening to ur song esp the one that I like “The Photograph” i really love that song. I like also to share the pic of my daughter Maryam she just turn 2, Il send u 3 pictures with her just choose whatever u like for me its all beautiful.
    love lots,

      Elika September 4, 2016Reply

      Thank you so much Aubrey. I look forward to seeing the photos you sent. Many thanks.

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