New Painting – title suggestions?

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  • After several months it is finally done!   I just finished this painting and would love your help on finding a suitable title.  In the next few days I will announce the winning submission who will win a gift of a digital album download.
    I look forward to sharing more about the painting in the next blog and what the inspiration was behind it.
    Circular Painting


      Martine Hubbard March 25, 2016Reply

      Organic Bliss!
      It’s beautiful that’s what immediately came to mind!

      Marshall Royse March 25, 2016Reply

      I love it, I was looking at it again and thought, Spotted Elegance!

      Sylvia Schulman Benatar March 26, 2016Reply

      Unity in Diversity
      Lovely colours!

      waqar March 26, 2016Reply

      eyesball in a eye ball

      Tracey March 27, 2016Reply

      diversity…. or evolution… Great job and can’t wait to hear the story behind it.

      jaleh March 29, 2016Reply

      I so love this painting Elly love! WILL YOU DO MORE VARIATIONS of this theme?

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