Baha'i Prayer for the Departed

The piece, ‘Prayer for the Departed’ is dear to my heart as it was composed for a friend’s father who passed away several years ago.  I sang it at his memorial just days after I composed it.  I remember singing the piece and how it took great strength not to fall apart as I sang it.
Since then I often recite this prayer for family and friends who have passed on.  It brings me joy to say it as I remember those who were dear to me and no longer with us.  I have also shared this prayer with friends and strangers who have lost loved ones knowing that it will bring solace to their heart.
I love the simplicity of the music. The cello adds a feeling of nostalgia as it accompanies the guitar and there are a few choral parts in the song which are meant to symbolise the angels guiding those souls who have winged their flight to the next realm.
One of my talented friends, Glenn Franco Simmons, has created a video for this piece with his beautiful flower photography.  If you know of anyone who has lost someone dear to them recently, feel free to share it with them.  I hope it brings them solace.
Listen below:

Photo below by Glenn Franco Simmons
Prayer for the Departed


    Sarmad Garmroud February 10, 2016Reply

    Love it! SO GORGEOUS! <3

    jaleh February 11, 2016Reply

    So happy to have this o your blog! Tomorrow we are having a devotional for a few departed ones so shall share it with them to bring solace to their hearts…

    Elika December 11, 2016Reply

    Happy to hear that Jalehjoon.
    Thank you Sarmad. 🙂

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