New recording: Mary, Did You Know

I have wanted to record the song ‘Mary, Did You Know’, a popular Christian piece, for some time now.  I love the haunting melody and the spirit of the song so I decided to sit at the piano and see what I could come up with to make the piece my own.  Since the Christmas holiday is around the corner, I thought it would be timely to share it with friends.  I hope you enjoy!  Kindly share the piece if you feel so inclined.
You can listen to the song below and purchase it by clicking the ‘buy’ button below.

Mary, Did You Know cover FINAL


    Cherida Creebsburg December 9, 2015Reply

    It is so beautiful! I love it it and thank you for sharing!

    Walter Heath December 9, 2015Reply

    thank you for this gift of song. Beautiful!

    Bret Breneman December 9, 2015Reply

    Very beautiful and wonderful. I love the volume range.

    Marshall Royse December 9, 2015Reply

    Another wonderful job! Thank you!

    Cheri December 9, 2015Reply

    Just beautiful, Elika!

    jaleh December 10, 2015Reply

    I love how you sing this song! And your own rhythm and melodies on the piano. Thanks love! I have listened to other versions and there is nothing like yours! Truly!

    Homa Mahmoudi December 10, 2015Reply

    Elika my dear. This is such a beautiful song and mesmerizing music. It touches so many areas. Every mother can relate to it. The potential of the abilities of every child and the mothers responsibility and ability to recognize them. . Love you and your music.

    Elika December 16, 2015Reply

    Thank you all so much for your sweet comments. I loved recording this piece and am so excited to be able to share it with you all. January 6, 2016Reply

    I would love to have a copy of Mary could send me one also one of your new books. I know you visit Mass and Green Acre every so often please let me know so we can get together. Of course you would not want to be here now as it is so frigid. Thanks for all your beautiful hard do you remain so inspired?

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