The magic that happens…

‘Mary, Did You Know’ is a beautiful song about Jesus that was written by Mark Lowry and composed by Buddy Greene 20 years ago.  I only discovered the song a few years ago after watching the movie ‘Son of God’ .  I remember being so moved hearing the song, I couldn’t hold back my tears!
Recording the cover of this song last week was a special experience.  There was a moment while I was singing in the studio when I was able to completely let go and allow inspiration to pass through.  At that point in the song, something came over me and the melody felt truly inspired.  It is the part at 1:28 with the refrain ‘Oh Mary, did you know?’ I felt so moved after singing that portion of the song because of the emotion in it and the beckoning nature of the words that I had to stop recording for a few minutes to collect myself.  Experiences like that remind me that I am just an instrument for a higher creativity to express itself.  Once I remove myself, the magic starts to happen.
I’m thrilled to be able to share this song during the Christmas season and dedicate it to all my Christian friends!  Here is a link to listen to, purchase or send the song as a gift.   If you would like to send it to a friend, click on the ‘Send as Gift’ button under ‘Buy Now’ when you click the link.  You can leave a personal message and let your friends know how much you appreciate them. 🙂


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