A few more hours…

Just a few more hours till the end of the Infinite Bounty anniversary art sale!  Thanks to all of you who have already bought some of the art pieces.  There are 3 specialty cards left, 1 square canvas and 1 larger canvas.  The sale ends tomorrow (in about 15 hours).  Here is a link to the limited edition art pieces (only 5 remaining).
On another note, starting November 30 at 12AM and running through December 4th at 11:59PM, CDbaby is offering only 1 cent shipping on all music so be sure to take advantage of that offer as they only have 5 ‘Infinite Bounty’ CDs in stock at the moment.   It is costly to ship from China so this is a fabulous deal!
And by the way, the lucky draw is still open for a few more hours!  The winner will receive an ‘Infinite Bounty’ album download plus a beaded bookmark from my collection.  Kindly read my blog post for details.  I will choose a winner within the next 24 hours! 🙂

The pieces from the Infinite Bounty anniversary art sale

The art pieces from the Infinite Bounty anniversary art sale


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