Glimmerings featured in a movie!

One of my goals has been to have my music featured in a film and tomorrow that dream will be realised!  I am thrilled that my piece ‘Glimmerings’ (from my piano instrumental album, ‘Glimmerings’) will be featured in an independent movie called ‘Grace.’ and will be available on DVD and streaming on Feb 24 in the US.  This is a film about hope and redemption.  Starring Annika Marks, Sharon Lawrence and Cindy Goggins (among others), this film tells the story of a young woman who must deal with the consequences of her alcoholism.  The movie examines alcohol addiction and the way Alcoholics Anonymous helps the afflicted towards recovery and sobriety. The movie tries to express a sense of hope and healing through the process of recovery.  Here is a link to the website for more information about how to view the movie.
I haven’t watched the full movie yet but have viewed the portions where my music will be played so I’m excited to see the movie in its entirety.  I have always wanted my music to be a healing balm and was so honoured when the producer wrote to me personally and shared how my music has helped her through difficult times.
The movie was filmed on New Smyrna Beach.  Here is a link about the filming site as well as a link to the Facebook page.  Do let me know if you get a chance to watch it. Enjoy!
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    Varya February 23, 2015Reply

    How exciting!!! Congratulations dear

    Kiyoko Nanni February 23, 2015Reply

    So happy that your music is making its way around the globe. Looking forward to getting the DVD. Will look for it in March.
    very best, kiyoko

    Sylvia Schulman Benatar February 23, 2015Reply

    Congratulations, Elika!

    jaleh February 24, 2015Reply

    This is wonderful news! The movie is a good one too with a moral lesson I believe…

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