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I have been waiting a long time for the music service on my website to make the entire collection of my music available in one bundle and the time has finally come!  Thanks to bandcamp, all my music is now available as one digital download package at a discount price.  The music bundle includes 7 albums and 5 singles – a total of 102 songs!  If you already have my music, a huge thank you for all your kind support.  If you know of anyone who would enjoy the music, this also makes a lovely gift!  Here is a link to the full music bundle at a discount price!
Below is an explanation of each of the albums I have released from the most recent to the oldest. Let me know if you have a favourite and please share!


CD Baby Cover_141028
‘Infinite Bounty’ – Quotations from the Baha’i Writings set to music on the theme of detachment (with duets with talented musicians in Spanish, Arabic and Chinese). This is a unique product that includes a book and a CD in one package. The hard cover booklet is adorned with ocean-themed photographs and the CD is housed inside the back cover of the book. The book itself can be used for devotional meetings, personal reflections and makes a beautiful gift.  The album includes collaborations with six outstanding musicians from around the globe.


Edge of Forever
Edge of Forever – A collection of songs, in diverse styles such as Latin, World, New Age, Pop, Middle Eastern and a little Rock. The music depicts the soul’s desire to transcend the limits of the material world and to soar in the spiritual realm. This album reflects a wider ranger of my musical influences and includes original lyrics for most of the songs. One of my most popular pieces – ‘Persecution’, composed in honour of the Baha’is in Iran, is included on this album.


Glimmerings – My debut instrumental piano CD which takes one on a journey of ethereal beauty and melodic enchantment, from its inspired “Commencement” to its heavenly “Final Journey”. Passionately played and often spontaneously improvised, these musical meditations touch the soul and awaken the spirit.


Birds of Love
Birds of Love – Birds of Love is a treasury of uplifting words and inspiring songs specially created for weddings, anniversaries and an ideal gift for your loved ones. It includes a diverse five song album from varied sources with five additional instrumental tracks for live performances and background at special events. The album includes inspiring quotations from Abdu’l-Baha, features a famous Bible quotation, ‘Love is Patient’ and song ‘Where There Is Love’ featuring a poem by French author Hentri Matisse and an Apache Wedding Blessing.


Fire and Gold cover
Fire and Gold – ‘Fire and Gold’ blends eastern and western musical styles and features a number of languages including English, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. The theme is the tests and difficulties of life, and the title comes from the Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah: “Busy not thyself with this world, for with fire we test the gold and with gold we test our servants”.  The music is diverse and reflects influences from around the world.   In addition to Elika’s piano performances, the songs also include a number of outstanding musicians on Celtic harp, Persian nay flute and santour, Spanish guitar,Chinese erhu, flute and cello.The result is a sophisticated, yet catchy fusion of progressive ideas with ancient, classic overtones layered with gorgeous melodies that has literally brought tears to many listeners. It truly eases the soul from the burdens of this earthly life and uplifts it with divine illuminations.


Melodies of the Nightingale for the family Melodies of the Nightingale for the Family –  This album is focused on the family, and includes prayers and meditations for parents, children, marriage, youth and expectant mothers.
While there are many ways in which to create loving and harmonious families, among the greatest aids in this process are prayer, meditation and the sense of spirituality that springs therefrom.  It is my hope that the music on this CD, which was inspired by the sacred scriptures of the Bahá’í Faith, will be a means of bringing peace, joy and delight to families and homes everywhere.
Melodies of the Nightingale
 Melodies of the Nightingale – This album contains 15 original pieces, written, composed and recorded by Elika Mahony, Fiona Doomun-Rouhani and Michele Brown. The CD was inspired by the sacred Writings of the Baha’i Faith, and the contemplative nature of the music makes it ideal for individual reflections, meditations and group devotions.
To view my music page with all the albums as well as all the singles, click here.

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