Music gift download & Video introducing Infinite Bounty

I wanted to give you a quick update about my upcoming album ‘Infinite Bounty’.  We are in the final phases of the project and I am counting the days to be able to share the new music with you.
I recently made a promotional video with some background detail about my upcoming album, ‘Infinite Bounty’. On the video I discuss the theme, inspiration, artwork and introduce the musicians that I have collaborated with.  The musicians have each added so much beauty to the project.  Later on I will blog in more detail about some of the songs and the collaborations with the different artists.   The video ends with a gift download from one of the songs on ‘Infinite Bounty’.  Click here to view the video.
Here is the link for the gift download of the song ‘Immerse Yourselves’.  I can’t wait to share the rest of the music with you very soon!
Infinite Bounty Cover


    Cherida Creebsburg October 24, 2014Reply

    Beautiful album and story. I can’t wait until it is ready. When will that be?
    Much Love!

    Jaleh October 24, 2014Reply

    What a lovely & exciting intro. Infinitely beautiful!!

    Elika October 31, 2014Reply

    Hi Cherida, the book/album should be ready in a month but I’m hoping to release the digital downloads before that. I will announce soon…
    Thank you Jalehjoon!

    Earl Erickson December 25, 2014Reply

    Opened my package today, on Christmas, a present to myself. What can I say… I am more than impressed! You really poured yourself into this project sweet Elika! The art I have put on display in my office, where daily glances will tend to uplift; the book/cd case full of deeply inspirational quotes from the divine Writings is just amazing! What a wonderful way to wrap your special gift of music! The songs I have only begun to listen to, with awe. Now I am putting together a list of friends I would like to get this for…

    Elika December 26, 2014Reply

    Thank you so much Earl for your kind words. You made my day! I’m so glad you can tell that the album/book was made with a lot of love. Thank you for all your kind support.

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