In Honor of the Birth of The Bab: A Prayer set to music

I find that the Baha’i Holy days are sources of great inspiration. Today is the Birth of The Bab and in honor of this special day, I felt moved to compose a short prayer from The Bab. I was in a very meditative mood when I composed it. Happy Holy Day!
Lyrics are below:

“O God, my God, my Beloved, my heart’s Desire.”
-The Bab
Shrine of the Bab


    Candace Jacallen October 20, 2014Reply

    Beautiful! Shared in our Baha’i Community G+ community!

    Fevziye Baki October 21, 2014Reply

    İndeed beatiful!!!!

    Nabil Pavon October 22, 2014Reply

    Wonderful composition! Thank you for sharing what comes from your soul to the world.

    Name October 22, 2014Reply


    Jaleh October 22, 2014Reply

    Holy days are truly an open door to heaven! Glorious! Thank you!

    Elika October 31, 2014Reply

    Thank you for sharing with your G+ community Candace!
    Thanks all for your kind words.

    Sarmad November 11, 2014Reply

    Just got to listen to it. Incredible! Love the way it flows! 🙂

    Elika November 26, 2014Reply

    Thanks so much Sarmad. 🙂

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