Glimmerings Interview – One World Radio

Last month, One World Radio in the UK hosted a special show entitled ‘Goddess of Mercy’ during which I was interviewed regarding a few of the tracks on Glimmerings.  During the interview I discuss the inspiration behind three songs, ‘Commencement’, ‘Awakening’ and ‘Final Journey’, and I also talk about why I chose the title ‘Glimmerings’ for the CD. The interview is below and starts after the introduction and a song by another artist (the interview starts at 1:27). I hope you enjoy it!


    Sarmad June 3, 2013Reply

    Downloaded for later listening. Fantastic!!! 🙂

    Sarmad June 3, 2013Reply

    Yay! Comments are working again! 🙂

    Elika June 6, 2013Reply

    Thanks Sarmad! Hope you enjoy the interview.

    Bret June 7, 2013Reply

    This is a terrific interview–articulate to the point of lyricism and even devotional utterance. As with all that she does, it seems, it’s characterized by that “joyous confidenceM” mentioned in a Tablet she often cites, Baha’u’llah’s Persian Tablet of Ahmad (as opposed to the more familiar one originally in Arabic). A kind of archetypal artistry is demonstrated here, both in music and commentary, because of spiritual attunement.

    Elika June 8, 2013Reply

    Hi Bret, thank you for your sweet compliment. I’m honored! I enjoyed sharing the inspiration for these songs as I hadn’t verbalized my thoughts loudly before. So glad you enjoyed it.

      bret breneman June 9, 2013Reply

      You’re more than welcome. I liked too your word “specklings” in explaining “glimmerings.” I hadn’t told you that I wrote a longish poem this spring called “Glimmerings in Ridvan” where each stanza begins with that lovely word–in what the literati call an “anaphora.” I”m sure that I was influenced by your exquisite album, which glimmers with beauty and inspiration.

    Shohreh June 10, 2013Reply

    Nice interview!

    Elika June 11, 2013Reply

    Thank you Bret. I think it’s wonderful that artists can keep inspiring each other through art, music and poetry! Looking forward to reading your poem.
    Thank you Shohrehjoon!

    Jaleh August 5, 2013Reply

    Congratulations Taraz and Elika for your new release “The Essence of Love” what a lovely surprise!!!

    Jaleh August 5, 2013Reply

    What a beautiful interview Elly love! I have spent a wonderful morning with your music and your interview was brilliantly done! Thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it!

    Elika August 6, 2013Reply

    Thank you Jalehjoon! Have you heard the song yet? It’s so wonderful to be able to create a song with Taraz. It’s a gift that I’m so very grateful for.

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