Water Pearl Prayer Beads on Etsy

I’ve been in a creative mood lately!  Perhaps it’s the coming of spring and the warmth in the air that is inspiring me.  A couple of days ago, I decided to take some photographs of the prayer beads I have designed and post them on Etsy.  I love the creativity on that site and have felt inspired to take photos that bring out the full color of the beads on gold fabric.  I was so excited to receive my first order within hours of posting the photos.  I have put up all 8 vibrant colors of the Water Pearl Prayer Beads.  You can read more about them on Etsy. Below are samples of some of the prayer beads.

Gold Water Pearl Prayer Bead

Sky Blue Water Pearl Prayer Beads

Rose Water Pearl Prayer Beads

Leaf Green Water Pearl Prayer Beads


Fuchsia Water Pearl Prayer Beads


Water Pearl Prayer Beads



    Jaleh April 11, 2013Reply

    They are gorgeous!

    Helen April 12, 2013Reply

    These are so beautiful Elika!

    Elika April 12, 2013Reply

    Thank you dear Helen and Jaleh! Loved taking these photos. Had so much fun. I’m working on photographing my prayer covers as I write this. Hope to post them on Etsy soon!

    Honey April 13, 2013Reply

    Those are beautiful! Have fun with your etsy shop! Looks like more Baha’i shops are opening on etsy, that’s awesome!! Are they naturally different colors or are they dyed?

    Elika April 15, 2013Reply

    Thank you Honey. I recently saw your beautiful items on Etsy. How long have you been on there? I’m still trying to figure it all out… The prayer beads are not naturally died but I’ve been impressed with how long the color lasts and even when they fade they still look lovely!

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