Fasting Prayer Set to Music with my Son

This is the first year my son is observing the Baha’i fast and so I decided to take one of my favorite fasting prayers and print it on a beautiful illuminated card for him as a gift.

Today I gave him the card and encouraged him to memorize and recite the prayer whenever he feels that the fast is becoming challenging (the prayer card is below).

As I shared the prayer with him, he was playing the guitar (as he often loves to do) and I suggested we compose a piece together and see what we could come up with.

He started playing some chords on the guitar and I spontaneously began singing the prayer as he played. I was so surprised at how well the prayer fit with the chords and the rhythm he was playing. We immediately recorded my son playing the guitar part and I recorded the vocals

🎵 Listen to the piece we composed together here.

I’m feeling so elated to have the opportunity to compose with my talented and sweet son – a memory that we can keep from this very special day and fasting period!  The piece has now been released as a track on the album ‘Meditations for the Fast’.  

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    Kathy Roman March 6, 2013Reply

    Beautiful prayer! I can picture the purity as you and your son composed and recorded this lovely piece. Spontanious and genuine!

    Jaleh March 6, 2013Reply

    Love love love it!

    Sarmad March 6, 2013Reply

    That’s one of my favorite prayers. I memorized it at 15 and have never forgotten it, even though I use it only 19 days a year. Amazing prayer.
    Much love to your dear family during this special time. 🙂

    Ladan March 13, 2013Reply

    What a pleasure to listen to this prayer! I love your voice- it is so clear, warm and soothing. The guitar gives the prayer a sort of earthly quality, reminding us that we are all human beings, trying our best. Well done to you and Taraz! What a musically talented family!

    Elika March 14, 2013Reply

    Thank you Kathy. It was a beautiful moment and an uplifting day creating this piece together.
    We have been trying to memorize it too – it’s always easier to memorize with music. 🙂
    Thanks Ladanjoon and Jalehjoon! So glad you enjoyed the piece.

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  • jaleh March 8, 2016Reply

    Each time I listen to this album I find more hidden gems! Thank you again for this divine gift!

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