Glimmerings CD release!

My Glimmerings CD is finally available!  Thanks to those of you who have been waiting patiently for its release.  It has definitely been an exciting yet challenging process releasing this CD which I have written about in another blog.
I feel tremendously relieved that the CD is complete especially since it was quite a difficult task to record the pieces.  I have written about how it was one of the most challenging CDs for me to record on another blog.
What is unique about Glimmerings is that the titles of the songs tell a beautiful story of a soul’s spiritual journey.  I can’t wait for you to read the liner notes – it was beautifully written by my hubby (shhh – please don’t tell him I told you!) 🙂
For my 200th blog, I shared a gift of the song ‘Reflection’ from ‘Glimmerings’.  If you haven’t downloaded it yet, please see the details on the blog for your free gift.
When the factory delivered the ‘goods’ a few days ago, I felt overwhelmed with joy and almost kissed the workman who was loading the boxes into our entrance! 🙂 It was truly a fantastic moment!



    jarome March 17, 2012Reply

    Congratulations! I’m so excited this project is finally completed and ready for everyone, it’s a wonderful collection of work unique from all your others, really shows your diversity.
    If your reading this and haven’t heard it, go listen now!!

    Tarry March 17, 2012Reply

    Well done, Elika! It is beautiful, both the music and the cover art work. All worth the wait!

    Elika March 18, 2012Reply

    Thanks Jarome and T! You have both been such a wonderful support and the project could not have happened without either of your time and encouragement! Thank you!

    Sarmad March 18, 2012Reply

    Congratulations, dear Elika! 🙂

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