Recording while Fasting

The season of Baha’i fasting has just begun and today is the first of 19 days from sunrise to sunset.  It is a time of personal reflection, prayer, meditation and spiritual recuperation during which time we look at our lives and reflect on how we can strive to better ourselves in the next year.

Today I was thinking about some of the spiritual music I have released and one piece came to mind because it was recorded during the fasting period.  

The Hallowed Beauty, a piece from the CD – Fire and Gold, was recorded during this special period and I remember feeling quite daunted at first to sing while fasting.  

I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink water and while recording one’s vocals must be kept lubricated.  But I knew there was a special spirit during the fast and I wanted to take advantage of that.  

I was surprised that my voice flowed for the song even after two to three hours of singing and I felt so spiritually rejuvenated.  I still remember the special feeling of recording the song and how in awe I felt during the process and especially afterwards.  My body was exhausted but my mind and my spirit were fully charged!
🎵 Listen to ‘The Hallowed Beauty’

“…fasting is the supreme remedy and the most great healing for the disease of self and passion.” ~ Baha’u’llah

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    praveen March 2, 2012Reply

    Thanks Elika , this is truly a reminder that divine inspiration is flowing constantly , Happy Fasting !!

    Sarmad March 3, 2012Reply

    One of my favorites! 🙂

    Elika March 17, 2012Reply

    Thank you Praveen and Sarmad. And yes Praveen, I am amazed at how much inspiration is given during the fast. It’s overflowing!

    SS March 31, 2012Reply

    Elika -have you sung the “my home is the home of peace” quote by Abdul Baha that is on your blog? I have heard it sung before and am trying to locate it to teach my kids but haven’t been able to find it.

    Elika April 1, 2012Reply

    Hi SS, I’ve heard one version before but I didn’t learn it and have forgotten the melody since. I would love to set it to music. Maybe that can be my next project. 🙂

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