Inspirational Solo Pianists

Since the release of Glimmerings I’ve been listening a lot to solo piano music to see what is out there on the market. I’ve been intrigued by the music of Ken Elkinson, Robin Spielberg, Van Jensen among others. However, the musicians that have truly inspired me in the last 10 years or more are: Micheal Nyman, Kevin Kern and David Lanz. I remember when the movie ‘The Piano’ came out in 1993 and Michael Nyman’s piano solo soundtrack for the movie, ‘The heart asks pleasure first’ was widely enjoyed all over the world. In the fact, the score is one of the most successful film soundtracks of all time! I didn’t enjoy the movie itself very much but loved the song that became so famous from it!
About a month ago, I shared with a friend a new piano instrumental piece that I had composed for my brother and sister-in-law’s union (they just got married about 10 days ago)! When she heard it (I hope to post it soon) she asked if I had heard the piece ‘River flows through you’ by Yiruma because it reminded her of his music. I found his video and loved the melody in that song. I was so honored that it made her think of his composition! I have posted the video below so you can hear it in case you haven’t yet. He performs the piece live in concert. Enjoy!

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