Glimmerings Video Contributors

A couple of months ago I asked for video contributions for two of my instrumental pieces on the Glimmerings album. I would like to share with you the beautiful videos that were sent in.
Here are the links to the videos:
1. Realization video by Bernadette and Lea Cortes
2. Realization video by Zafarullah Hassim
3. Awakening video by Glenn Loe
4. Awakening by Bernadette Cortes
5. Beloved by Derek Thompson
6. Beloved in French
I would also like to include the video that my son made for me as a surprise on mothers day this year for the piece that I had composed for him called ‘Commencement’ (from the Glimmerings album) for his 8th grade graduation!
A huge thank you to all the contributors for these inspiring videos!

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