My 200th blog – a gift of music!

I can’t believe this is my 200th blog! Quite an achievement for someone who is not a writer! I remember my producer telling me that part of having a website was to blog and tell my friends about what I’m doing and what projects I’m involved with musically.  I was so daunted by the idea of writing – not only writing – but writing about myself.  How does one write about one’s projects, ideas and thoughts without focusing overly upon the ‘self’.  I have come to terms with one thing which has helped a lot.  Remembering why I started music in the first place – it’s what I love to do and if it’s able to transform souls and uplift others, then I have accomplished what I set out to do.  There are times that I observe different paths that other musicians are taking but I try to always bear in mind what is my goal and purpose.
For my 100th blog, I gave a gift of music called ‘Rose of Love’ and for the 200th blog, I’d like to share another gift from my upcoming CD, ‘Glimmerings’ (a piano instrumental CD) entitled ‘Reflection’.  Thank you for joining me and supporting me in all my projects.
You can listen to ‘Reflection’ below:
Please feel free to download it and share it with your friends using the link below:


    jarome January 5, 2012Reply

    Congratulations Elika!
    I’m so proud of you for taking difficult steps to reach your goals and dreams!
    And we’re so lucky you did, then everyone can enjoy your music and our lives can be transformed by it.
    You know, a lot of artists say “I’m an artist, I don’t want to blog, or promote, or invest, I just want to create!” And you know what? no one really every hears their music or is transformed by it.
    Because unfortunately, we live in a world that doesn’t know how to support or appreciate artists anymore. But that is changing. Until it does, we need to help people.
    Thank you for blogging so we can more easily connect with you and support you and learn about your music!

    H.R. January 6, 2012Reply

    Dear Elika,
    Writing a blog not only makes you more famous, but also makes your figure more human like… which makes you and your musics more desirable. Moreover, it will help you to keep up advancing with technology, and become more familiar with computers; therefore a faster searcher on Internet and more up to date…
    Keep advancing, faster, stronger and more enthusiastically.

    Elika January 7, 2012Reply

    Thanks Jarome for encouraging me on this path. It hasn’t always been easy and I go through different phases of wanting to share and other times feeling more reserved. I look forward to sharing more creations and the process involved in creating them. 🙂
    Hi Hamid, thanks for your comment. My purpose in creating music and sharing it is really to uplift the listener, not fame. 🙂 Thanks for your encouragement.

    yalem Kiros January 18, 2012Reply

    congratulation Elika my love ! I’m going to share this with Ed, and if you get a chance go to our web site and see the kind of music we bring to our venue. I would love to host you here ?

    Elika February 6, 2012Reply

    Thanks dear Yalem! Can you send me the link to your website. I would love to take a look…

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