Glimmerings Replication Underway

In my last blog, I shared the cover of Glimmerings, my upcoming piano instrumental album (I have posted it again below for those of you who missed it).  The CD includes 12 instrumental songs, some of which were composed 10 years ago and some very recently were created on the spot.  For the spontaneous compositions, I would sit at the piano and play whatever came to my heart.  These pieces are very special to me because they were gifts of inspiration.  I simply sat at the piano and did my best to get out of the way so inspiration could flow through me.  It truly is a magical process.  I have shared one of these spontaneous pieces, entitled Commencement, in another blog for you to listen to and I share a little bit about the theme and why I composed it.
Glimmerings is being replicated right now and packaged in the next week or two.  It has been submitted to online stores (and will take a couple of weeks to show up on iTunes and other digital networks) and is in the process of being uploaded onto my new web store.  I look forward to sharing it will you when it’s ready.


    victoria o'neill December 11, 2011Reply

    Hello there, just wanted to let you know that the book and CD got here on Friday! It’s so beautiful, and arrived in plenty of time for my friends’ wedding day. Thank you so very much,

    Sarmad December 11, 2011Reply

    Dear Elika,
    Wonderful! Cannot wait to hear more of your amazing inspiration!
    Tons of love to your family from all of us in Zhuhai. 🙂

    Jaleh January 8, 2012Reply

    Beautiful Elly Love! Can’t wait to get my hands on this beautiful CD

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