Recording music with my daughter

My daughter Amelia and I have been working on a project lately.  For awhile I’ve wanted to do a rough recording of some prayers and Baha’i Writings that we have been singing together every night at bedtime for the last few years.  I felt this would be a lovely memory for her to keep for the future and to remind her of the melodies we have sung daily.  It truly has been precious to be able to sing with Amelia since she was a toddler.  We have now built a repertoire of many pieces that we love singing at home and for friends.
We decided to record 9 pieces that we enjoy singing the most and have put one of them below so you can listen to it.  It is entitled, ‘Love is the Light’ by SKY (they kindly gave us permission to put it on the blog – do check out their website for more music as they are 3 very talented women)!  We also sing prayers composed by JBEckl & Eric Dozier, Rose-Marie Peterson and Jack Lenz and Doug Cameron.  All are sung a cappella.
Here is the song ‘Love is the Light’:
Below is a simple design for the CD disc!  I haven’t decided what to put them in yet though.  As we only printed a few, I’ve been day-dreaming about making the covers either with cloth or hand-making them the envelopes with paper. When Amelia saw the disc today she was so surprised.  I don’t think she expected them to look so lovely.
I look forward to doing a more professional recording with Amelia in a real studio sometime in the future to share with everyone.


    Mei Clark September 20, 2011Reply

    What a blessing!

    Varya September 20, 2011Reply

    Oh Elika, it is so beautiful!!! I love Amelia’s voice. I can’t wait to hear your two singing and chanting together more!!!

    Gabriel Rodríguez September 20, 2011Reply

    Estimada Elika, muy hermoso felicitaciones, que Dios las bendiga.

    jarome September 20, 2011Reply

    So lovely that your sharing these with others!
    Amelia is a talented girl, and her original compositions are also impressive, not surprising with your influence.
    Her voice is clearly maturing as well from this recording from even the last time I heard her sing which is exciting

    Sarmad September 20, 2011Reply

    AWESOME! Brought back memories of your very first CD — Melodies of the Nightingale.
    Super hugs to dear Taraz and Amelia! 🙂

    Sarmad September 20, 2011Reply

    PS: I love the SKY sisters! They are SO awesome! 🙂

    Elika September 22, 2011Reply

    Thanks everyone. It truly is a gift to sing with Amelia. It brings me such joy! 🙂

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