My first Bazaar!

I’m excited to participate in a bazaar at the end of this month.  There will be many different booths selling a variety of gifts for Christmas and New Year.  Last year when I attended the WAB bazaar, I felt inspired and also a little left out and was hoping I’d have an opportunity to have my own booth the following year.  The opportunity has arrived and it hasn’t come without some trepidation.  It’s the first time I’ve had my own table  and I’m not sure how people will respond to the products.  I’ll be selling our Birds of love gift sets (we’ll have a discount special on them) as well as a variety of specialty cards. I have printed a selection of photographs that I’ve taken of flowers from around the world and have made a lot of hand-painted cards using a special technique that I created to make them.  They are all unique as each little painting comes out quite differently.  Here are a few photos of the cards that will be at the booth. Wish me luck!


    Zaynab November 8, 2010Reply

    Beautiful dear Elika! So excited for you and I’m sure you will have a very successful booth! We have saved a very beautiful card you and the children made for Naw Ruz several years ago with the painting technique and we absolutely love it. Can’t wait to hear more about the bazaar!

    Varya November 8, 2010Reply

    Dearest Elika, the cards look GORGEOUS! I hope to learn your painting secrets some day 😀 Looking forward to your blog about the Bazaar itself!

    Tarry November 8, 2010Reply

    The cards are beautiful — I am sure you will sell out of your stock before the first coffee break!

    jaleh November 15, 2010Reply

    how wonderful El Love
    wish i were there to help. What a great idea but they are too good to be in a bazaar. They should be framed and put up as an exhibit!

    Elika November 16, 2010Reply

    Thanks everyone for your sweet and loving words. I’m so excited about the bazaar I can hardly wait. I set up a mock table tonight so I’ll blog about it soon and put up more photos.

    Annie November 16, 2010Reply

    Hi EL, so excited to hear your news and know the fabulious idea. You are the gifted and creative for arts. I’m sure all the beautiful goods you prepared will be sold out at the first opening hr. 🙂

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