Happy Nawruz/Baha’i New Year!

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  • Wishing all my dear family and friends a Happy Baha’i New Year!

    As I’ve been experimenting with photoshop and learning how to use it lately (thanks Jarome), I wanted to share one of the first experiments with you.  I so enjoy combining my passion for photography and love of inspirational quotations and I look forward to sharing more.  You’re most welcome to download them and use them however you wish.



      Felisha March 22, 2010Reply

      What a beautiful flower and quote. Great job! Happy Naw Ruz to you, too!

      Elika March 30, 2010Reply

      Thanks Felisha! Hope you had a lovely Nawruz back home!

      jaleh April 16, 2010Reply

      Very professional Photography! I love this shot. Thanks elly love

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