Ali Kesanto's Seian – new electronica collaboration

I’m thrilled to share with you the unveiling of a song on which I sang vocals.  The song is titled “Seian” and was written, composed and produced by my friend, the very talented Ali Kesanto.  It was just released today from the new Vast Days album, Beyondsphere.
The 9 track album launch is going to last several weeks as Ali will release one song per week together with a related chapter of a science fiction short story that accompanies the album.  You can click here to listen to the new song Seian. Click here to read the opening chapter of the story. Ali describes the album: ‘The songs range from delicate and intimate to powerful and mesmerizing, and are made from our shared passion to create something that will give you glimpses of the dimensions beyond our everyday reality.’

If you feel like skipping the album launch and just diving into the music and the story, you can get the whole album package right away, including:
  • all 9 tracks in high quality audio format
  • 2 exclusive remix tracks
  • the album artwork for printing out jewel box art
  • the Beyondsphere short story
  • lyrics sheets
  • high resolution desktop background images
  • over 20 Beyondsphere ringtones for your mobile phone

It was such a thrill to be asked by Ali to contribute vocal melodies for four of the songs on this album and it has been a great opportunity to be part of such a unique project.  Congratulations Ali!
Here is the gorgeous cover of the album. Enjoy!

Cover for VAST DAYS Beyondsphere

Cover for VAST DAYS Beyondsphere


    Felisha March 24, 2010Reply

    I’m so thrilled that you decided to do this, Elika. I love the first release. You sound like what I would call an “electric angel”. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the songs. I really enjoyed the melody and production as well. Great work!

    Elika March 30, 2010Reply

    Thanks dear. So glad you enjoyed the new song. Jarome has the full album so you can ask him to listen to the rest of the songs! Much love.

    Recording Studio March 30, 2010Reply

    Thanks Erica for releasing such an awesome album. I just listened the album and it was really very good. I like the sound design, music production Recording studio etc. I am also waiting for other release.

    jaleh May 14, 2010Reply

    I can’t stop watching your clips! thanks my sweet precious one for the joy you are giving us!

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