My song 'This Earthly Plane' is in a contest!

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  • My producer, Jarome, recently entered our song ‘This Earthly Plane’ from the CD, ‘Fire and Gold’ in the song contest in the New Age/World category.
    I’m excited to report that it is currently 12th place out of 246 entries and it keeps climbing! The contest is on for the month of April.
    Please visit the site, sign up, and click judge link for New Age/World.
    The contest is great because it requires you to vote on the other artists by listening to their songs before you can vote on ours so it’s fair and unbiased that way, and it’s a lot of fun! It’s a great way to hear some new music. Here is more info about how it works. That means you can’t just vote for me, you have to listen to other artists until my song comes up…
    My new song ‘Where There Is Love’ has also been entered into the Pop category.
    When you sign up, you can become a fan and write a comment if you like. Thanks so much for all your support!


      me April 19, 2009Reply

      Can’t believe how good you are.
      Will write later to explain

      Janet April 20, 2009Reply

      Wish such good voice and music, your song will gain a great success! Most of all, a lot of love…

      Michele Lo Cicero April 21, 2009Reply

      Allà’ù’Abhà! Cara Amica Baha’i Elika Mahon. Happy Ridvan, Michele, Emanuela, Paul and Salvina.

      Mahvash Rowhani April 22, 2009Reply

      Happy Ridvan. Greetings and with you in Prayers for the wonderful joy your songs bring to others. may He grant you all your hearts desire.

      Elika April 23, 2009Reply

      Thank you all for your love and support. I’m thrilled to share that ‘This Earthly Plane’ has now reached 5th position out of 248 entries! Thanks for voting. Quarter finals are tomorrow so please continue voting. Thanks!

      Zaynab April 24, 2009Reply

      Dear Elika,
      I just voted online and it says “This Earthly Plane” is now at the #1 spot! How exciting, and very much deserved. We look forward to voting again for the finals!
      Much love from the US.

      Elika April 26, 2009Reply

      Thanks Zaynabjoon. Yes we were SO excited to see it in first place and are already celebrating as this is very significant. Things could change but I’m feeling very blessed right now.

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