Eric Harper's Delightful Concert!

Last night, I helped organize a concert for Eric Harper which also turned out to be very successful, enjoyable and lots of fun.  It was held at the Green T. Living just next to a lovely pond overlooking an elegant pagoda. Eric started out by playing classical guitar pieces in the pagoda and later moved closer to the audience where I joined him on 2 of his songs.  One of them was called ‘Say God sufficeth’ which he wrote with a flamenco style and the other was a healing prayer entitled, ‘Cura’ on his Portuguese CD, ‘Romper a madrugada’.  Eric sang it in Portuguese and I sang in English.  Just the night before (after Cheng Lin’s concert) I had mentioned to Eric how wonderful it would be to sing that piece in both languages and as we were jamming we came up with a lovely melody to suit the song.  Half way through the piece, we sing both the Portuguese and English parts together – it was so enjoyable creating that together.  It definitely took some courage to sing that piece for everyone at the concert considering we had just composed the English melody the night before and practiced singing it only several times.
KC Porter also sang one of the songs he had composed for Santana called ‘Primavera’ with Eric on the guitar and he also played his second piece on the keyboard called ‘Night hath succeeded day’.  It was superb listening to him with Eric’s accompaniment on Primavera.  One of my highlights of the night (besides singing with Eric of course) was singing one of  Nabil Huening’s compositions with Eric on the guitar and KC on the keyboard.  It was the first time that the four of us had actually performed the song together and the spontineity made it all the more thrilling.  The energy on stage was wonderful and so exciting to be able to participate with such talented musicians.
It truly is a gift to be able to share music with others especially when it inspires souls and moves people.  I can’t help but call this beautiful quotation to mind from Baha’u’llah, “We, verily, have made music as a ladder for your souls, a means whereby they may be lifted up unto the realm on high.”


    Phil Morrison April 16, 2009Reply

    Elika…..thanks for sharing your wonderful musical experiences with us. The
    excitement that you felt comes through loud and clear ……but it’s not surprising
    given the combination of such great musicians who are on the same spiritual path!
    Keep on keepin’ on……. phil

    jaleh April 17, 2009Reply

    Love Elika love
    Congratulations to you and all the rest of the talented artists. you are great! how i longed to be there! Someone asked why don’t you come to Kenya next time!

    Jarome April 18, 2009Reply

    So glad you got to not only perform, but to also work with someone who’s talent you so enjoy, and create fantastic new musical works!
    Very exciting, so wish I could have been there

    Elika April 19, 2009Reply

    Thanks for your encouragement Phil. So wish you were here to contribute your natural and wonderful talents. I still have such fond memories of your time here in Beijing. Your music brought life to so many of the friends here. Look forward to having you back.
    Jalehjoon – it would be great to do a concert in Kenya. The challenge would be visiting with all of you and trying to practise to perform for a professional concert. It may happen one day!
    Jarome – so wish you were here too! You would have loved the concert and so enjoyed the band and the quality and professionalism of the musicians here! I hope you will be here for the next big concert! It was an added gift to be able to work with Eric while he was here.

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