Inspiring Blind Musician – Raul Midon

I wanted to share this inspiring video with you.  The musicians name is Raul Midon and he is a blind guitarist who blends flamenco, jazz and R & B.  In the second song, he does the most amazing vocal impression of a trumpet.  The first song is called ‘Everybody’ and the second is entitled ‘Peace on Earth’.  The lyrics he chooses are very uplifting and his life story is just as inspiring as his music.  Click here to read more about him. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


    Todd April 26, 2009Reply

    Hi Elika,
    Thanks for posting. I’ve been following Raul Midon’s career for the last five years or so. He’s from a small town in New Mexico called Embudo and I had the opportunity to chat with him a bit after a concert he had in Albuquerque. He was the opening show back then but of course I went to go meet him. Very sweet man…never heard anybody that could cover Stevie Wonder like him (you know on that album Stevie plays a harmonica solo). Anyways…incredible voice and a brilliant musician…thanks for posting.

    Taraz April 27, 2009Reply

    Go Mom!!!!!!

    Elika April 28, 2009Reply

    Lovely to hear from you Todd! He is amazing and SO talented. I am so moved that his handicap doesn’t hinder him in the least from reaching his fullest potential!
    Hi Raz! Thanks for your encouragement sweet one. I knew you would enjoy Raul Midon’s music.

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