This Earthly Plane – #1 in Quarter Finals

Voting for the quarter finals has begun and I’m VERY excited to share that as of last night ‘This Earthly Plane’ is in the #1 New Age/World spot!!  😀  I think I squealed when I saw the results page with my children last night.  Within a few hours, it went down to 4th place, but then by morning it was back up to 1st place again.   The quarter finals will continue for another 2 days.  Once the top ten entries have been selected, there will be a third judging process within the top 10, starting on April 28-April 29 (the “Semi Finals Voting Period”) to determine the top song for the New Age/World Category.  The grand prize is  for the top song from all the categories.
I want to thank all my friends who have been very supportive and have voted for the song.  Thanks for sharing the link with others and even blogging about it!  Very sweet!
Please keep voting so that the song continues to have high ratings. Here is the link to judge. Once you have registered, then you can vote. You have to vote for songs against each other and wait for ‘This Earthly Plane’ to come up then you can judge it.  Thanks again for voting.

So last night when my children saw that the song was in 1st place, they wanted to hold a party (even though the song hasn’t won – being #1 in the quarter finals was enough reason for them to celebrate).  My daughter wanted to surprise me so she made scrambled eggs (her specialty), decorated the living-room and brought out the party hats and a pink balloon and party bag with ‘Go Mom!’ written on them (she also added some gifts of photos she had taken)!  My son made the best peanut-butter/milk/banana/maple syrup smoothie ever!  I even got a massage and a card from my daughter saying ‘Congratulations mom you are in 1st plase’ (yes written with an s)!  So adorable!
It was definitely a touching moment to see how excited the children were.  I was so moved by their sweet gesture to want to surprise and honor their mom with a surprise party on the spot!
Here is a photo of the bag that my daughter gave me with a few photos she had taken and her card.


    Sarmad April 26, 2009Reply

    Awesome news, dear Elika! We’re THRILLED for you! Party indeed! 🙂

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