Birds of Love (Part II)

Part of the purpose of creating Birds of Love was so that it could be used as a gift for weddings, anniversaries, engagements or similar occasions.  I promised to share more details about Birds of Love, so here goes…  
Birds of Love includes a 5 song album from varied sources and additionally has 5 instrumental tracks for live performances.  The thought behind the instrumentals is that the live versions can be used for any special occasions, especially weddings and can be used during the program.  Someone could be asked or hired to sing the song live for the occasion with the music backtrack accompanying them as they sing.  On a side note, I have been asked to sing ‘Blessing for Women’ (one of the pieces on Birds of Love) this Saturday at a devotional gathering so I will be using the instrumental version for that occasion.
The album includes inspiring quotations from Abdu’l-Baha, features a famous Bible quotation called Love is Patient and another song features a poem by French author Hentri Matisse and an Apache Wedding Blessing.  I’m most excited by the diversity of this album.
In addition to the songs in the package, we wanted to make this product unique by creating a book of quotes on the theme of love and marriage specially chosen from different sources that would inspire and move the reader.  Each page of quotations has a lovely illustration of a Chinese painting of 2 birds and each one is different.
The book and the CD come in a Chinese gold silk package to adorn them and the gold package comes in a light gold box.  We’ve spent hours thinking about small details and how to make this product unique and special.  
I look forward to sharing more with you about some of the joys and challenges of creating Birds of Love.  Stay tuned as I will be sharing one of the new songs from Birds of Love in the next blog.
Birds of Love CD disc and cover


    jaleh January 16, 2009Reply

    Hurray! so excited about this album and just can’t wait to get my hands on it. So many people are waiting patiently for its release… very well done Elly love

    jaleh January 16, 2009Reply

    it is so beautiful and you have worked so hard at it. Thanks love. What an accomplishment. keep it up!!

    Gayl January 16, 2009Reply

    Let me know when i is released – I try to purchase every one of you albums – you are very inspirational – thank you with love = Arohanui

    Elika January 17, 2009Reply

    Thanks Jalehjoon for your encouragement always.
    So glad you’re enjoying the music Gayl! Birds of Love will be ready on January 23, 2009 – in one week. Please check out more details on my blog on how to purchase it in the next couple of weeks. Thanks.

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  • Shahin January 23, 2009Reply

    Dear Elika,
    Congrats for releasing another wonderful album that uplifts the spirit ! I really like ‘Where There is Love’.
    All the best !

    Michele Brown-Ramirez January 23, 2009Reply

    Bravo Elika! Very lovely! I lvoe the energy and diversity of this piece (Where there is love). I can’t wait to either purchase one (or try to sell them).
    Let me know when. Congratulations and Elika, I am so very proud of you. No matter what happened to obstruct your musical path in the past, you determined to carry it out and now that rose is blossoming.
    By the way, my son LOVES your music. He just loves it and has memorized songs already!
    love always,

    Elika January 24, 2009Reply

    Thanks Shahin. So glad you enjoyed the song.
    Dear Michele, thanks for your loving words. I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love. It truly is a gift. I hope we get to sing together again someday.

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