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Working with Jarome in the last 2 weeks on music projects has been very inspiring and rewarding.  Part of our time was spent focusing on the songs that will be on the upcoming marriage CD and looking at the structure, melody and phrasing of each piece.  The next step for this project will be to practise the piano parts so that additional instrumentation can be added to the pieces.  This summer I hope to complete the vocals in Jarome’s studio.  But that’s not all we’ve been working on. We have been trying new ideas for very new and different music projects and writing original lyrics for some exciting new songs.   

Working in person with Jarome has been such a wonderful experience as we have been able to create spontaneously, feed off each others’ ideas, and experiment. One of the major benefits of working in person has been saving time, being more effective and improving our original ideas.  I am also thrilled that Jarome has set-up my studio so I can work more smoothly composing with Cubase and use it more comfortably without technical issues.  

It may be a while before we are ready for the public to hear these ideas, but I can’t wait for you to experience this new music. I have been considering making new songs available for listen and purchase as they are completed rather than making you wait until the whole album is ready.  If this were an option, do you think people would still want to purchase the whole CD?  I would love to hear your thoughts. 



    Sarmad April 28, 2008Reply

    Beautiful! And yes, dearest Elika, please count on it — we’re STILL going to buy the CD! 🙂

    Jarome May 1, 2008Reply

    It was such a great experience working in person, I can’t wait for everyone to hear some of the amazing things we have come up with and all your new songs. I really think this is some of the best material you have ever come up with, although I may be a bit biased.
    I think with the new studio setup things will go much more smoothly and you will be able to create and work on new music more effectively.
    Thank you for treating me like a king while I was there and helping me have a good experience in China.

    Elika May 10, 2008Reply

    Dear Sam, thanks for your support always! It was great seeing you and Varya in our home last week.
    It was such a pleasure having you in China Jarome! Thanks for all your help in the studio – creating music has been so much easier!

    jaleh May 14, 2008Reply

    Dearest Elly
    Thinking of you every day as I listen to your beautiful creations! Hope the next one will be out soon. Can’t wait to hear the marriage album and your own songs too… What joy!

    Elika June 4, 2008Reply

    Thanks love – so looking forward to sharing these new songs with everyone. Thanks for your patience!

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