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In two days my producer, Jarome, will be arriving in Beijing and I’m very excited!  He is coming here to assist with several music projects that we are working on. One of our tasks is for me to learn the basics of Cubase (the music program that Jarome uses to record in his studio). In order for us to be able to collaborate more smoothly on our projects, I need to be more proficient in using this program. 

The first time I used Cubase three years ago, it took me a couple of months just to learn how to record and hear the sound of my vocals as I sang into the microphone.  As I live in China and Jarome is in Canada, technical support has been a challenge but he has been available to assist whenever I have had technical issues.  Learning basic engineering aspects of recording has been a laborious process and I have had to practice a lot of patience!  So I’m eager for Jarome to assist me in making the process of recording the piano and vocals much smoother for the future.  I look forward to sharing some of the results of our projects sometime soon.


Thought of the Day:

“The diversity in the human family should be the cause of  love and harmony, as it is in music where many different notes blend together in making the perfect chord.” -Abdu’l-Baha 


    Sarmad April 15, 2008Reply

    Fantastic! I use a very basic program, Sonic Foundry’s SoundForge. Yay Jarome! 🙂

    jaleh April 16, 2008Reply

    I too am so so excited about your new ventures and projects with dear Jerome. Looking forward to hearing more and more music from your studio. How wonderfullly exciting Elly!

    jaleh April 16, 2008Reply

    I love the quotes you post. So inspiring. Thank you!

    michele brown-ramirez April 28, 2008Reply

    Elika! Allah’u’Abha! Boy it sure brings back such wonderful memories seeing you at the piano! You’re SO talented, girl. That’s really neat to hear about you and Jarome working on a marriage cd and even writing new lyrics of your own. I think that is a neat idea too, of course nothing beats the divine Writings.
    Yes, i hear what you say about having songs available for purchase as they come out online, kind of like what itunes does. You could do this, personally I enjoy entire cd’s but I could go that way too.
    I met with Pedi the other day and he sand something at the Baha’i center here in San Jose which was off a cd written and produced by someone named Devon Gundry called “At the top of my lungs”. Wow- amazing music, very inspirational and alternative style. I think it would give you great inspiration and some great ideas.
    I really like the different intruments you use, it makes the songs come out 3-dimensionally. I also very much like the last song about the Siyah Chal. It was spoken, and sung as a duet together, It was neat beccause of all the diversity. But then to contrast it is pleasant change to have simple piano and voice, or simple flute and voice and whatever, all in one cd.
    You have really come a long way. i think I am going to download all your songs and then make a cd of my own which I am going to entitle something like “The best of Elika” 🙂 or “My personal favorites of Elika”. 🙂

    Elika April 30, 2008Reply

    Dear Michele,
    It is so wonderful to be in touch again. Thanks for your ever encouraging words about ‘Fire and Gold’. It really was a labor of love and I’m glad that you are enjoying it. I so look forward to singing together again someday – hopefully not too far in the future!

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