Chinese Childrens Songs

I would like to share a link of Chinese Children’s songs from the Ruhi Series.  What distinguishes these songs from other Book 3 songs is that half of them are new and have very catchy melodies.  The new songs also have some Chinese instrumentation on a few of them and the lyrics are different too.  Several wonderful musicians and a talented producer worked on this project and sacrificed their time to make it available within a short period of time.
On the link provided below, you can download the songs for free as well as the instrumentals so that the children can sing along too.  The notes for all the pieces are also available for download.  Please enjoy and share them with your friends.
Click here to download the songs.
Nabil in the studio
Jimmy and the singers in the studio
Dayyan in the studio
Thought of the Day:
“Wherefore, rest ye neither day nor night and seek no ease. Tell ye the secrets of servitude, follow the pathway of service…” – Abdu’l-Baha


    Felisha December 14, 2008Reply

    I listened to all the songs and they are really great! I love the style, very sweet, and perfect for children. Even though they’re in Mandarin I still enjoyed them, and tried singing along. Thanks!

    Haidy January 23, 2009Reply

    Thank you for sharing this.I’m sure that this will be greatly appreciated by all the friends who are involved in teaching children classes or accompanying others in this service.I’d like also to thank all the people who contributed in this wonderful work .

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