A Blissful Sunday – Part I

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  • You know how once in awhile you have one of those blissful days that is rich in seeing nature, being with dear friends, tasting great food and celebrating a wedding?! Well – it doesn’t happen very often… but last Sunday was one of those days. I will have to write about it in two blogs as there is too much share and too many photos to view.
    I will start in chronological order… I’ll begin by describing the color of the sky! I know that’s an unusual place to start (and an odd topic) but I have to tell you that in the ten years that I’ve lived in Beijing, I have not seen such a beautiful, crisp colored clear blue sky!
    We were visiting some dear friends of ours in their countryside home and when we awoke on Sunday morning, it was such a gift to see the color of the sky. What a dreamy site! We were up at 6:30am and our host took us to a beautiful part of the Great Wall which was only 10 mins from their country home. I have also seldom been on the Great Wall where it is completely quiet with no one else in sight. We climbed hundreds of steps and were planning on sliding down the mountain on a toboggan (except that instead of sliding down snow or ice, one would slide down a metal sheet which is a 10 minute ride all the way down)! Because we arrived so early it was closed so we took the cable car down instead. Viewing the Great Wall from the cable car was extraordinary and relaxing after the wonderful hike.
    We finally returned to our friends countryside home in time for breakfast with traditional Chinese prepared tea. After a delicious lunch of freshly made jiaozi (Chinese dumplings), we drove home to prepare for a wedding I sang at which I will write about in my next blog… I have included a slide show of our blissful morning (I’m sure you can tell I’m enjoying experimenting with my new camera). 🙂


      Sarmad September 6, 2008Reply

      Fantastic! Well, we know the reason for the beautiful skies! Youlia had expressed concern about the possibility of rain on her wedding day, so I got in touch with a friend in the Central African Republic who, in turn, arranged for offerings to be given to the great Juju gods. The offerings were SO good that the gods reportedly promised three beautiful days for Beijing starting on Sunday.
      And there you go! 🙂

      Sigi September 6, 2008Reply

      It’s such a pleasure to read your descriptions about this special Sunday, I’m looking forward to read Part 2 !
      Kisses, Sigi

      Keith September 6, 2008Reply

      Hey Elika………great seeing you and the “gang” down here at the Hilton
      Wangfujing last night……great singing too. We love to see the Friends
      come to see us. It’s very inspiring. We’ll be here until December 1 so
      come on down and see us Friends……take care
      The Phil Morrison Trio

      jaleh September 7, 2008Reply

      Elly, elly love so happy to see you all. Thanks for posting these pictures. I am wondering how to get them on to my computer so i can see them every time i open it. How i miss you all…Claire’s visiting right now and they have gone to one of the paradise farms near Nairobi. We had a most exhilirating Feast this morning. wish you were here. Everyone asks and wonders how you all are and want to see you when you’re here… love and hugs always

      Naree September 9, 2008Reply

      It’s so wonderful to see pictures of a beautiful blue sky in Beijing!! Ya’ll look so happy and joyous on the Great Wall!! Thank you for sharing!!

      Elika September 9, 2008Reply

      Hey Sarmad, indeed it was an incredible day for Youlia’s wedding! You’ll to tell us how we can arrange for more offerings to be given to the Juju gods so that we can have clear weather here for the next month!
      Sweet Sigi, you’re so kind. I’m so glad to hear from you and am happy you’re enjoying the blogs!
      Hi Keith – every time it’s a pleasure seeing and hearing you and Phil play! You truly bring joy to all those around you especially to me today. Was fantastic hanging out and singing with you guys.
      Jalehjoon, please give my love to all and tell them we’re looking forward to seeing everyone.
      Dear Naree – thanks for passing through. Lovely hearing from you. Just looking outside my window right now – it’s another one of those clear beautiful days. You’ll have to come back and see for yourself. Miss you.

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