Phil Morrison Trio in Beijing

Good luck Beijing!” is the title of one of the 30 songs chosen for the Beijing Olympics. It is a song written by two talented and professional musicians from Georgia, USA – Phil Morrison and Keith Williams. They are now performing almost nightly at the Hilton Hotel Wangfujing in Beijing and are a definite must-see! Phil and Keith were inverviewed by a news agency about their song for the Olympics. You can view the video below.
I had been in touch with Phil before he came to Beijing and was so looking forward to meeting the gifted duo. So a few nights ago I invited some friends to watch them perform and what a delightful evening it was! From the moment we met, there was such a warm connection! Phil was playing bass and Keith played a beautiful grand piano. They make such a wonderful combination. Viva, their vocalist, also a very talented musician, charmed us with her voice. Before the start of the performance, Keith and Phil had encouraged me to sing a song with them but I felt completely unprepared as we hadn’t rehearsed anything together. But after listening to Viva sing and watching them perform in such unison and spirit, I couldn’t help but acquiesce when Viva requested that I sing! I’m so glad that I did because it was one of the highlights of my evening. Performing with such talent is not a common occurrence in my life so I’m thrilled that I seized that opportunity.
At the end of the evening, the three of us agreed that we should definitely get together and perform again. I look forward to learning some new songs and exploring this new side of music that I haven’t experienced too much of before. I know I will love it!


    jarome August 29, 2008Reply

    Wow, that sounds fantastic, I wish I could have been there to see you all jamming!
    I’m really proud of you Elika for doing more performing, especially on the spot impromptu jam sessions like this, I know that wasn’t something common for you in the past, so it shows what a professional you’ve become.
    Can’t wait to see a performance when I’m there!

    Sarmad August 30, 2008Reply

    AWESOME!!! 😀

    jaleh August 30, 2008Reply

    Elly!!!!!! So proud of you. how wonderful wish i were there too. What a great opportunity not to be missed. hope it will be the beginning of many for you love.

    jaleh August 30, 2008Reply

    i LOVE your pic. Unfortunately i can’t open the video. will try again later perhaps i’ll be lucky to watch!

    Sigi August 31, 2008Reply

    Elika, wow , I wish I could have been there too. They sound so beautiful, what a lovely music.

    Sherri August 31, 2008Reply

    I’d love to hear you sing jazz! Maybe the next CD?

    Elika September 2, 2008Reply

    Thanks for your encouragement Jarome. Yes – I do look forward to doing more of this and we’ll see if we can fit in a performance while you’re here. 🙂
    Dear Sarmad, Sigi and Jalehjoon – thanks for writing so often and being so supportive with your comments. Wishing you were here.
    Sherrijoon – your wish may actually come true as we’re planning to do a CD of our own lyrics with lots of percussion and possibly some jazz. Will keep you posted dear one.

    Jeffrey Barlow November 21, 2008Reply

    daughter Clare, a student at Tsinghua, and I caught Phil Keith and Viva last night at Hilton, after much wandering to find it. It was a truly memorable evening and I am sorry we did not get to hear you sing too..they did bring on a Chinese friend from Hong Kong who was also very talented…
    Thanks for the piece, it brought it all back to me and their myspace web site has several musical clips on it, at: myspace at:

    Elika November 23, 2008Reply

    Thanks for writing Jeffrey. So glad you got a chance to hear Phil, Keith and Viva. They are an amazing trio and have brought the jazz music scene in Beijing to life!

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