Last day for pre-orders of The Divine Mystery

Last day for pre-orders of The Divine Mystery

Just a kindly reminder that the official release of ‘The Divine Mystery’ – my new booklet/album is tomorrow!    
If you have not yet ordered and would like your copy of ‘The Divine Mystery’, this is the last day to purchase at the pre-order/discounted price.  From tomorrow, the album will return to the regular price of $15.

Click here to pre-order 
Each booklet-album comes with a unique download code to download the full digital album. 
I appreciate your taking the time to share the link for this album in honor of ‘Abdu’-Bahá with your friends by email or on social media. 
Thank you for your kind support of my music.

Recently I gave an interview with a wonderful youth about music, the steps in creating an album and professional organizing.  Her name is Yara Ayache and she has initiated a project where she interviews friends from different fields in order to help educate youth about various careers – their joys and challenges.

Here is a link to the interview titled, ‘Singing, music and professional organization.’

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Thank you for all your kind support.

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