Moving stories about the Long Healing prayer

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  • Moving stories about the Long Healing prayer

    Thinking of all my friends around the world.  How have you been?  I have had some moving conversations with friends around the world to hear how they are coping. In China we have no new cases except for people coming from abroad so hopefully we are taking some steps forward…

    I am deeply moved by all the responses to the release of the Long Healing Prayer. It brings me joy to know that the recording is being given as a gift to those in need.

    I wanted to recount a few of the responses that I have received.

    One friend sent the prayer to a mother whose son is in a coma and she said that it has been helping to bring her solace.

    Someone else asked her doctor whether she could share the Long Healing Prayer and her doctor gave her an enthusiastic “Yes, please do”!

    Recently a youth told me she has been feeling physically and mentally overwhelmed but that when she listened to the recording of the Long Healing Prayer, all of her difficulties seemed to vanish.

    I was touched to hear that a doctor sent the recording as a gift to her aunt who is battling leukemia.

    One friend wrote that her husband is currently in the ICU with pneumonia and the only way she can get rest at night is to listen to the Long Healing Prayer.

    In Belgium someone sent the video for the Long Healing prayer to members of a multi-religious network of a university.  It was subsequently shared on 2 FB pages and one person asked if she could share it with her network!

    Another sweet message was hearing that a 2 ½ year old asked her mother to play the prayer over and over again!

    Someone shared the Youtube video link of the Long Healing Prayer with friends in her community so that it would bring solace to all.

    My wish is that this prayer will reach the ears of many friends in need.

    With so much fear, suffering and anxiety spreading throughout the world, please consider sending this recording as a gift to a friend who needs emotional, physical or spiritual healing.  Let’s also keep the doctors, nurses and caregivers in our prayers.

    Below are steps for how to send the Long Healing prayer as a gift:

    1. Go to:

    2. Click on ‘Send as gift’ (photo below for where that is)

    3. Add your friend’s email, name and a personal message.

    I also know many of you are celebrating Nawruz at home… so I’m sharing a Spotify playlist of my favorite music for Baha’i Holy Days. Enjoy!

    And here is a Spotify playlist of all my music.  Enjoy!

    And below are a couple more videos that I hope will bring you comfort and strength.

    In case you missed watching the Long Healing prayer video, here is the link:

    Wishing you safety, health and protection.

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