Waltzing in Heaven – a spontaneous piano instrumental

Waltzing in Heaven – a spontaneous piano instrumental

Four years ago today, my dearest friend Sigi passed away suddenly.  She was radiant, vibrant and always full of joy.  We had spent hours watching our children play together when they were little and a deep bond of friendship ensued.

Once she moved to Mexico with her family, our friendship continued to blossom even though it was long distance.  Our conversations continued where they left off every time we spoke.

One evening in 2016 I received a call from her but I was in the middle of something and thought to myself that I would call her back in the morning.  That night I learned that it was her husband calling to tell me that she had passed away suddenly.

The grief I felt in that moment is indescribable and as I write this I can recall the pit in my stomach I felt that night as I broke down in tears.  I longed to hear her voice one more time to say goodbye and to tell her all the qualities I appreciated and loved about her.

She was a most wonderful and loving friend – the kind that comes along infrequently and accepts you for who you are.

On the day of Sigi’s passing I felt inspired to compose a piece in her honor.  I sat at the piano, pressed record and played what came to my heart – no preparation or practice – simply a message from my soul to hers.

The piece is called ‘Waltzing in Heaven’ as Sigi loved to dance.  I was moved to hear that her family played the piano instrumental at her memorial and that it has brought them great solace.

>> You can listen/download ‘Waltzing in Heaven’ here <<

Whenever I wish to call her to mind all I have to do is play this piece in her memory and I am grateful for this connection with her soul through music.

Thanks to Glenn Franco Simmons for allowing use of his beautiful photograph for the cover of the piece.

I have also written several other spontaneous piano instrumental compositions for friends and loved ones who have passed away.

Final Journey was composed for my mother-in-law the day she passed away on May 26, 2010. I chose the title because when my mother-in-law was in her final months she would tell friends visiting her in the hospital that she had her bags packed and was looking forward to her final journey! The song is included on my piano album ‘Glimmerings’.  

‘A Humble Angel’ was composed in honor of my Uncle.  I had heard that he was in hospital and was very weak so I felt moved to compose a piano piece for him.  A few hours later, my cousin told me that he had passed away the moment I was composing this piece.

‘Illumined Youth’ was composed for a youth who passed away from cancer.  He grew up in Beijing and was a close friend of the family.  As he became more sick, he grew stronger spiritually and was a source of strength and inspiration to his friends and family.

There is a mystical connection between our world and the next world.  We know that the next world is closer to us than our life-vein and I find that through music there is a connection between our world and the spiritual realm.  In creating all these pieces, I felt my fingers flow and move mysteriously as I let go and thought of each of these precious souls.

Sigi Guy and Elika Mahony

A photo with dear Sigi Guy a few weeks after my daughter was born

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