Boundless Love handwritten lyric video

Boundless Love handwritten lyric video

For a long time I have been wondering how to combine art with music.  I have a love for both of them and recently found a simple way of bringing them together through lyric videos.

I am sharing my first handwritten lyric video singing the piece ‘Boundless Love’ a cappella hoping that friends can learn the melody more easily (from the album ‘Infinite Bounty’).  If you think these are useful, kindly drop me a line and let me know so I can make more.

>>>Watch Boundless Love <<<

On another note, I recently had a lovely interview with Daniel Badi Rinaldi on his podcast ‘One Planet Music’.  He posed some really interesting questions about my music that prompted me to share the story of being inspired to compose a spontaneous piano piece for my dear uncle – later learning that it was at the very moment he passed. You can hear the full story and the rest of our conversation on the podcast:

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