My Refuge – New Video and Reflections

My Refuge – New Video and Reflections

There is a prayer that I have recited frequently throughout my life. The prayer is by the Báb and starts “O Lord! Unto Thee I repair for refuge’.  I say it often as it seems to apply to so many aspects of life: seeking God’s protection and aid, asking for detachment from all things, praying for contentment.

For many years I wanted to set it to music but found it rhythmically challenging.  Since the prayer is by the Báb, I felt it should be on ‘The Exalted One’ and so I attempted to compose a melody for it one more time. When I placed my fingers on the piano the melody seemed to flow through me from another realm!  The experience was magical!

In the piece the piano takes us on a journey like a train moving towards its destination, with the rhythm of the music carrying us forward.  Then the music slows down in the chorus while we ask for His ‘Sufficing Help’.

As the song progresses towards the end it becomes more complex with harmonies and varied voices, reflecting the path of our lives as we grow through difficulties and joys.

In the last part of the song (my favorite part at 3:20) the piano rises an octave without any distractions, symbolically signifying that we have become “independent of all things” and that we are finally aligned to His wishes.

I have made a video for the piece and encourage you to watch it thinking about your own journey and your own hopes.

>> Watch the video here<<<

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O Lord! Unto Thee I repair for refuge, and toward all Thy signs I set my heart.

O Lord! Whether traveling or at home, and in my occupation or in my work, I place my whole trust in Thee.

Grant me then Thy sufficing help so as to make me independent of all things, O Thou Who art unsurpassed in Thy mercy!

Bestow upon me my portion, O Lord, as Thou pleasest, and cause me to be satisfied with whatsoever Thou hast ordained for me.

Thine is the absolute authority to command.

Selections from the Writings of The Báb, page 74

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