a bittersweet moment…

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  • a bittersweet moment…

    It has been a busy summer…

    I just got back from the US after taking my daughter to university!  It was bittersweet knowing that she was excited to start a new chapter of learning and study and yet difficult realizing that my husband and I are a 14-hour plane ride away from her.  I’m grateful that our son is a 20-minute drive from our daughter so they will be close by.  🙂

    Before my daughter left for the US, we were able to record a video of us singing her composition ‘Boundless Favours’ together.

    I think you’ll be able to see my joy at the way I gaze at her almost throughout the video. There is something very precious that happens when we sing together.  The joy and elation of singing in harmony with the blending of our voices is a magical feeling!

    And I am also so moved that I could include her composition on my album ‘The Exalted One’.

    >>> Watch Boundless Favours <<<

    I would so appreciate if you could say a prayer for my daughter as she embarks on a new year of study.

    If you would like a copy of ‘The Exalted One’, you can find it here.




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