"It’s like baking a cake!"

"It’s like baking a cake!"
I hope you are having a fruitful start to 2019!

Update about ‘The Exalted One’

I wanted to give you a quick update about ‘The Exalted One’.  I am now in the middle of recording the vocals for the final song titled ‘Enable All the Peoples’.  It has turned out to be one of my favorite pieces on the album because of the beauty of the flamenco guitar and its Latin flavor.
In other good news, I’m thrilled that we have now started the mixing for the album.
Next month, Daniel, my producer in Colombia, will complete this process. The album will then be mastered by an engineer in the U.S. To be able to create music with so many talented individuals around the world is such a gift!

It’s like baking a cake

Daniel describes the mixing and mastering process by likening it to baking a cake:
“I liken music production to baking a cake. First you gather ingredients (a recipe can be useful, but not required), you place the ingredients together, bake them, and finally decorate. Elika and I have practically finished gathering the ingredients which is the process of recording all the musicians, including Elika’s piano and vocals.
Now we’re ready to start mixing those ingredients. So this is literally the editing and mixing stage where we’ll decide how loud the vocals should be in relation to the piano or guitar…so taste is subjective in this stage. Once fully mixed and baked, the cake is ready for decoration or what we call mastering. Mastering takes multiple songs and makes them sound coherent as one album rather than standalone songs. So when you listen to them back to back one isn’t much louder or brighter or duller than the previous one. Just like a cake could have many layers, but when decorated it looks whole. I hope you enjoy Elika’s delicious cake…I mean album!”
Thank you again for all your kind support of the album.
Look forward to keeping you posted.
P.S. If you haven’t already seen or heard ‘Prayer for Protection’ – one of the songs on the album, watch it here.
If you have heard it, I would love to hear what you think about the piece.
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